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Abuja to London pickup taxi service

So just as I was entering the que to drop my bags for my flight back to London (6/1/19). I was approached by a man and asked if I needed a taxi when I got back to London.  Of course I did. My usual behaviour would be to get to Heathrow then get a taxi. Often waiting up to 30mintes to 1 hour for a taxi. As i am not the only passenger on the plane. I like to try services out for myself so I gave him my name and my mobile phone number, we agreed an estimated time of completing immigration and baggage claim and off I went to check in.

I arrived in London. Immigration took less than 1 minute. I’m not sure why everyone joined a particular que. I went straight to the empty self service counter. Scanned and passed through.

When I switched on my phone, I recieved a whatsapp message from the taxi guy in Abuja confirming my taxi, the cost and the pick up point. I responded by confirming that I we had landed.

Baggage claim was now an issue. Because I check in so early my baggage is always almost the last to appear. Finally I saw one. Then I didn’t see the other for quite some time. Then i suddenly remembered the abuba eke. Maybe they had seen it on the scan. Then I went into this mental discussion with the immigration officers. Likely responses to likely questions…. then my bag appeared, intact with my abuba eke🙄