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A stitch in time

Sunday 30th June 2019 will always be another memorable and one of my most fulfilling Sundays.

I finally visited a friend to help her set up her sewing machine. This set up session had been a few months in the pipeline. I am not a seasoned seamstress, but having grown up around sewing machines and now using one myself… it’s not exactly rocket science.

Off I went with my knewly aquired skills of sewing, to visit a friend in need.

I have the basic awareness of what to do with a sewing machine. As a child I watched my mother sewing. At some point, her sewing machibe was located in the kitchen. We all know tgat the kitchen is the hub of an African home. I later went on a crash course for two evening (6pm-9pm). The course was titled ‘how to sew a circle skirt’.

I went on the course to get the confidence to do what had been in my head all along. I came out of the course on the second evening with a completed and fully wearable circle skirt for my daughter and the pattern). I was so proud of myself, I still have that skirt pattern till today. And the most fantastic thing of all was that my daughte