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A return on a 20 year investment

So in 2000 I took out my hard earned cash and invested in shares or so… I just did tum-bum, tum-bum and invested… no research nothing… after all is it not me🙈… i do not understand these investments anyway. All I knew was that I wanted to invest.

Needless to say that the market crashed 😫and I lost all my money…. can you imagine my £1000😡… gone just like that😡😡😡😡…. the investment people kept on sending me regular updates. But I never read them after that shock. I believe it was worth less than £100😳…. from £1000 to £100😡…. anyway I ignored them and refused to close my account. After all an investment should be long. All I knew was that I was not going to invest again🙈🤣🙈🤣🙈🤣

I noticed that the investment handlers changed their names several times over the years… I never read their mail… but each time I do take notice, it’s a different company…. as in power changes hands…

So in July 2019 a letter came… as per my usual self, I did not open my letters until January 2020🙈… when I opened the letter I automatically went to throw it in the bin. The investment newsletter can be annoying all those things they talk about that I have no understanding of.