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A case of Corona virus -Covid19

Social distancing

Quite frankly I believe that the surge in the use of social media over the past few years may have prepared many of us for this new situation we find ourselves. The era of social distancing. Unless of course you are socially active like me.

Self quarantine v. social distancing

I am simply not prepared for the social distancing part of this virus prevention strategy. It is really impacting on every aspect of my life. But I have come to terms with the fact that anything social must stop while we try to get a grip on this pandemic. Just last weekend I had dinner with 14 of my friends in the West End. After which we found ourself in a club. I can’t imagine the impact this will have on many businesses.

No kissing and no hugging

It would be interesting to find out how many people are truly affected by this new social distancing technique. Perhaps for some, it may be business as usual. If you are not the going out type anyway.

Keep your hands to yourself

But if you really break this down, socially, how many of your friends on your social media do you actually see in person? Out of this number, how many do you actually enjoy greeting by way of a kiss and a hug. For me right now I’ve had to cut out a big majority of my social life, my existence. I will have to rely on social media even more.

Practicalities of self isolation

What you can do when isolated

The initial self isolation message was no clear. Because if I self isolated, then my entire family will be isolated. Considering that I am not living alone, It is more than likely that everyone in my household will test positive at some point. I mean, think about how contagious this virus appears to be. We are a family after all.

I only just wish we do not catch the bug at the same time. It’s just heart breakingto have a whole family ill. So the idea is that if you need to self isolate, then your family too will self isolate. And in addition, you will need to self isolate in your home to avoid contaminating other members of your family. My thought go to front line healthcare workers, those who live alone, and on the streets.

Prevention is better than cure

My main focus at the moment is on prevention in the first instance. Then if I happen to get infected, I will manage any symptoms I may have such as the said mentioned persistent cough and high temperature

and ofcourse remain at home. As an asthmatic, I am concerned of the severity of the virus and whether my lungs can cope.

Hand washing 101

Ok, so the Corona virus is here now. And so far I have not been infected. There are now clear and very specific instruction on how to protect ourselves from contracting this virus. One being social distancing the other hand washing.

We are now encouraged and engaged to take up this simple task that is classed as part of personal hygiene. I remember years ago, an aunt of mine telling me that I am making my children wash their hands too often. Years of providing bedside care as a nurse ingrained in me the habit of handwashing, either that or I’ve got OCD in handwashing. The former being my preferred choice.

People do not realise how important the hands are to our health and wellbeing. This pandemic episode will be a reminder to the importance of hand hygiene in preventing a virus from spreading. It is really that simple.

Face mask everyone

Previously, before the Corona virus episode, I have always given some serious side looks to the people I’ve seen wearing a mask in public. I’m sure many of you have as well. But right now I am almost attracted to those with a mask on. I actually feel safer to be around them. Because I know that they are protecting me from whatever they’ve got. At this point in time I wished I had the habit of wearing a mask all the time. I tried wearing a mask once a few years ago but I just couldn’t hack it. Not that I had bad breath. I just didn’t appreciate the hot air I was breathing in.

What’s in a test

I am not sure if it is practically possible to test everyone for Corona Virus. I mean considering the rate at which the virus has been spreading. Furthermore, what would be the purpose of carrying out the test? I believe that at the moment a cure is yet to be made public. Until the cure is found,

Personally, I wouldn’t want to get tested. Knowing that I have Corona would make me even more anxious. Considering that it’s a respiratory virus and I am asthmatic. I wouldn’t know if it’s the virus or a panic attack that making me short of breath. I am very happy at the moment with simply following the preventative measures and observing symptom control.

What’s with the buying

I have only seen this level of queues and empty shelves at Christmas and Christmas eve respectively. Its really interesting to observe. I am not sure what to make of this saga. I only pray whatever people are preparing for, does not actually come to pass. I also pray that people keep their receipts to return the goods after.

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