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Monday 14th… first working day of 2019

What a Monday I’ve had…

Water leak at home

First of all I came into work this morning with an unknown leak into my home… at that time of the day my priority was not a leak … afterall it was not a float….. just a persistent leak from above…. My entire focus was on getting to work… leak or no leak. It was my first day back to work for the year 2019…. no weapons fashion against me … off to work I went…. making sure I got my coffee on the way.

Hot desk

Got into work at exactly 10am this morning. To start with, a colleague was already sitting at my desk. We have a hot desk policy. Ordinarily my desk would be vacant as I tend to come into the office every day, rather than work from home. However, because I have been on annual leave over the Christmas period, my desk has been technically available for anyone to make use of, until I get back. Not to worry… no fuss over desk as it would not help with my work load today. My main focus was logging into my work email and going through the mountain of emails that I am sure will be waiting for me. I found an empty desk space next to my line manager… perfect🤗

Access denied

Lets just say that it took me an hour and thirty minutes (1hr:30mins) to reset my psssword.

As expected, my password had expired in my absence. I mean did I really expect to come in to work for the first time in weeks, and effortlessly log into the system.. without wasting time?… how can?

The self service password change which stares at me every time I login did not live upto its expectation today. It did not work as planned…

Exam questions

The next step was to call the IT team on the phone to reset my password…. in the past, that would have been the first step. Well I got through to the team easily… now to reset the password…..

Then the exam question and answer session started. Well I failed to give the required characters of the secret questions they asked… the secret question I had set myself. At this point, they were obviously secret to me as well because I had no clue of what the answers may even remotely look like or sound like. What a joke…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣… I mean whose bright idea is it to ask for answers to questions under stress and anxiety….

Stress level

At this point I could feel my level of stress increasing as it gradually dawns on me that my workload will not decrease no matter how late I have access to the system 🤷🏾‍♀… today is going to be a long day… I should be done by 8pm at least….

So my line manager gets involed and has to send an email for a password reset to the IT team. Thank God I’m sitting by his side. None the less, he is cool like that. No fuss kind of guy… God knows how to balance things out.

…. the time by now is 10.19… I can’t believe it’s only been 10mins or so. Feels like 10hours… 🤣 I start laughing anxiously as my workload flashes before me. We wait patiently for IT.

At 10.33 am… I call IT and I’m informed that their staff were busy on other calls and will contact me by email😳… to give me my new password… I promptly reminded them that I had no access to my emails yet. To which they responded that they will contact me on my work phone… I really could not shout…. I could only wait patiently…

My day became even longer….

I finally decided to physically go down to the IT onsite team for support. In the process of resetting my password, I recieved a call from the remote IT team for a password reset… imagine the nonsense and ingredients😡🤬

Not only was my password reset, but my exam questions we’re also reset🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and my work mobile phone was updated to ensure it recieved emails etc…

11:40am…. I was IT proof and ready to work like a donkey for 2019….

Or until my password expires

Lying in bed now reflecting on my day. I still have the leak … from above which has damaged the floorboards now. I have also noticed a puddle of water under the bathtub… 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

When it rains it pours

Showers of blessings

Tomorrow I shall deal with that problem abeg.

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