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January 2019, Easter eggs on the shelves

OMG, the Easter eggs are out on the shelves now. This is January, we all just came back from Christmas holiday. Surely there must be a law against this level of commercialism?…

What does Easter actually celebrate… is it Easter eggs? I am sure there are many children …and adults around the world who have lost the plot on the significance of Easter. Many would think it’s all about Easter eggs.

I’m referring to parts of the world where people are not brought up in the habit of attending church… physically or mentally. So for people who have never been to church before, they naturally would not have a clue about the actual significance of Easter… unless they are taught in school….

Even me typing this, I’m almost losing the plot. When last did I go to church. That is another topic for discussion. Thank God I know what Easter is all about… but I also know about Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Ramadan, Passover, Diwali, Christmas etc etc…

For now we prepare our minds and pockets for Easter…. happy Easter in advance…

© *Nene O-M*

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