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I almost missed the train

Have you ever missed a plane, train, bus, ship, etc. Any form of transport you were scheduled to catch. I've heard a few stories of people who missed their prebooked transportation. They recount their stories with a lot of regret and lesson learnt. I have always listened with amazement, worry, and sympathy, imagining if that happened to me.

Well, today it almost did.

I am always very early and waiting to board any transport that I have prebooked because of the anxiety of missing the transport. I have a lot of time on my hand when I'm travelling.

Today is the first time I almost missed catching prebooked transport. In this case, a train😳. It will never happen again because the adrenaline rush is not a childs play. Today of all days, there were a dozen ticket inspectors checking tickets at the gate😳. Where were they in the past when I had all the time to show my ticket.

I arrived at the station for 3 minutes to my train, departing for Manchester.

Just yesterday, I was reflecting on the cost of the ticket to attend this meeting in person. Wishing I could attend virtually. Or that there would be a cancellation. I was so reluctant that I only submittedmy travel request on Monday.

Anyway, this morning, when I arrived at the station, my instinct told me to collect my ticket at the machine (standard procedure). I argued with myself but did it anyway (wisdom).

With the ticket in my hand, I looked up to check the platform the train will depart from. It said platform 7, and it was the first departure on the board, which means that departure is imminent. As I looked up again to confirm the platform, the notice had disappeared.

Platform 7 was in my sight.

It was now a case of It's so near, but it's so far.

All along, I was walking at pace. I tried not to run as I felt that I walked as fast as I ran (does that are sense). To me, running will only make the bad situation worse. As I will likely be out of breath and there is an increased risk of falling. Then, after all the running, I will still not catch the train. Again, I listened to my instinct.

So, my fast walk was good enough until I saw the lineup of ticket inspectors at the boarding gate. My fast walk became a trot. Thank God for trainers.

By the time i got to the inspectors, i had all five tickets in my hand (it's a puzzle). I handed them over to the lady. Let her do the maths herself. After all, it's her company that's printing five tickets for a trip that's go and come. She eventually found the right one. I was free to pass.

I was the only one boarding. The only other person aside from the ticket inspectors. It was suspiciously quiet. My mind was asking, "Where is everyone?" My mind was also responding, " sat in the train."

By this time, their colleague on the Platform had his hand up and had tapped inside the door. You know the signal they give the driver when it's time to depart.

At this point, I found my voice saying, "Wait for me, please," as I waved my hand, holding all five tickets. Lol

Oh, what an adventure.

Im doing small thanks giving right now as I think of the explanation I would have given for my absence. Missing the train is not a good enough explanation as I had declined to stay overnight in a hotel like my colleagues.

I'm on the train now. I am sitting pretty and writing this blog.

All the sleep has cleared from my eye.

This meeting better be productive.

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