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Happy mothers day, mummy

Its been a sober day today. I started my day like every other Sunday. I had a nice home made mocha, got ready and left home. First to the market to buy some fresh fish. I love driving through the market on Sunday. The whole fish buying transaction is less then 5mins. After which I head straight to the gym and sauna for some me time. I ended up only using the sauna…. again.

I was starving by the time I got back from the sauna. So I ran into the kitchen and prepared myself a lovely brunch… delish. My stomach sorted, I then proceeded to cook two dishes, fresh fish pepper soup and pasta. Very staple foods that is always found in the fridge.

Cooking sorted, I went back to bed to chill and reflect. At some point in the evening, having had a large helping of the fish pepper soup. I proceeded to send my daughter to pick up a box of Ferrore Rocher chocolate and a packet of skips as, shall I say, dessert.

My daughter then gives me a mothers day card but my son, on the other hand, apologised for his lack of preparedness and promised to step up his game next year.

I thought of my mum all day today she died in 1995, 24 yrs this July. How time flies. I couldn’t find a picture of her, I had to get my brother to send me a copy of her picture, thank God for technology.

In this picture, my mum has had 5 children and would be about 30yrs old. You can see a picture of myself and my sister to her left. She was a child bride, trained in London as a seamstress and became a successful business woman in Nigeria supplying uniforms to 90% federal schools and some state schools.

She gave birth to my older sister at 15 or there about and died at 45 from breast cancer. As a single mother she left behind 6 children. Despite this brief meeting, I had a very loving and colourful childhood and an even more adventurous adulthood which I am still making the most out off🤗

Nonetheless, I am blessed and highly favoured. I thank God for the gift of childbirth… happy mothers day mummy😘

RIP Love Celine Abakporo

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