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Creative lockdown

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The fact that I have been working from home (like everyone else) at home, with travel restriction, since March 2020, makes it mandatory for me to take some time off work.

If you break it down, I've been working from home at home with nowhere to go, during the week or weekend, for 12 months. That is definitely mentally challenging.

Working from home (WFH) during this pandemic has changed the meaning of WFH to me and I'm sure to many other people.

I am suspiciously looking at this new imposed WFH. It definitely doesn't have the same feel as the post pandemic WFH. The fact that we had social life happening outside the home, made WFH palatable pre March 2020. The weekends then was a big bounce. There were plenty options available for socialising. You made plans to meet, greet, travel, chill or work.

Ample time to be creative

I am trying my best to keep myself on the good path. Trying my best not to loose my marbles. I must admit, I've had the time to be more creative. Thank God.

Thats the fun part. Imposed, yes. Fun yes. As the say " condition make crayfish to bend" This is really the part of the lock down that I have enjoyed to the maximum.


I've had ample time at home to think, design and create. I've actually built a website for myself. I remember setting up my blog site a few years ago. That seemed like a mammoth task then, being the first time I had done that. Plus I also had competing priorities with my time and brain storage 🙃. Basically there was no lockdown then, so rather than spend my evenings and weekends on creating my blg site, I was out socialising.

This time around, the new website which is a sum total of my brand (blog, vlog and eCommerce) up and running in just under 2 weeks. It took longer to launch the site, as I wanted to launch it as close to March as possible. It was launched in February 2021 and It remains a work in progress as I've continued making changes while it's in use.

Creating products - arts and crafts

I have created a collection of bespoke Ankara trimmed towels of various sizes. The full range can be found on the website. The process remains a work in progress. All sales remain via the website.

Social media

Rome wasn't built in a day, they say. So creating

content for my social media channels i.e YouTube, TikTok and Instagram remains an uphill struggle and I have the challenge of being consistent. But all in all I'm creating.


Generally my social media handles give the same positive message on all the platform. My information is quirky, simple and practical and relates to my and my lifestyle.

It's definitely a lifestyle you'll enjoy

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