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Christmas wahala 17/12/18

I have loads of stories to tell… I am always full of jist. And I often see the funny side of things. Most definately I always have a plan for my challenges or others people’s.

My present predicament is actually deciding the story to tell. At any given point I have many stories going through my mind … stories to be told….

I really need to get my thoughts together.  Decide on a story…. and write it down.

Christmas prep

Recently my aunt visited me with a frozen Goose. I’ve never cooked that type of meat before. I accepted this gift… let it not be that I am ungrateful. But sometimes I feel some presents… are just somehow. Now I’m going to be forced to cook the damn bird… or dash it to someone. Most likely I will cook it…(or a get a caterer to cook it). My Household all know that there is a frozen Goose in the freezer. So it would he somehow if on Christmas day… it does not appear….

Me i just like a simple life jare. The best Christmas for me, was spent on some resort in spain… me, my blessings and my dealer lounging all day. On Christmas day we had lunch at the Marriott…. Kai … let’s just say there was never a dull moment and I was never sober…. obviously my dealer came with me…. it’s not good when your partner share the same habits God or bad… drinking or otherwise… God help us.

Right now I’m not even feeling the Christmas celebrations. Christmas has become just too commercialised. Are people just going to be Christians just for this season only. Do they actually remember that Jesus is the reason  for the season. I feel that he is not being mentioned much at all. Or is that just me? Anyway each to their own. Let me face my front.

I got a small Christmas tree (previous blog) but there are no decorations this year. My blessings aren’t that bothered.  They would like funds to go shopping at some point during the holiday…. that’s sorted…. but I’ve decided to still buy them a small gift each. I’m not sure how Christmas would be without opening a present… going to church… drinking and feeling merry… and drinking..

The usual suspect

I am expecting my siblings who are in town (4)their friends and partners and ofsprings…..  and anyone else who cares to come. I just remembered that my nephew will come for Christmas too… with his girlfriend. There will be enough food to feed who ever knocks on the door. I really don’t need to be told you are coming… just turn up . The only rule is to help and clean up after yourself.

I’m actually travelling on boxing day… on my own… for  1 week initially… now I’m trying to extend it to 2 weeks. Not that I don’t want to be with my blessings…. but you know me… i need time out on my own… often… to keep me sane. Anway I am extending my trip due to the line up of activities at the other end… not to worry, my blessings are capable of taking care of their father as the case would be…

For the trip, I have a long list if gifts to buy. I have decided to start tomorrow to buy through the list.

Let me know if you want me to buy you a present.

It’s going to be a lovely Christmas all in all….  by God’s Grace

© Nene O-M

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