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A shipping role

Remember my shipping experience in August 2018. Well the shipping company has just contacted me to offer me a part time role in the growing firm. They had called me while I was on holiday in December, informing me that they had created a position for someone with customer service skills to help with that side of the business. I was obviously on holiday and told them I will spread the word for them.

From our discussion this morning even though they mentioned ‘admin, I can see that it is actually a logistics coordinator/manager of some sort. They are trying to bridge the customer service gap.

Apparently this job offer is based on the feedback I was kind enough to give them. From the feedback I gave, it was apparently obvious that I wanted a professional service from them. I wanted things to be done in the right order and on time. Focusing on giving the customer up to date update on their shipment.

Well I’ve told them that I do not have the capacity to take on such a role. Even on a part time basis. I also informed them that they may not have the finance to pay me my worth. They have suggested that I can make calls to the customers over the weekend. I mean what type of service is that. Not even that, at the weekend when I want to pull some bubbles and shake a leg. I will now be forces to set my brain into professional mode. This one is too much wahala ooo.

As a charity case, I feel really bad for declining this challenge. I would really like to help this company establish a customer service template moving forward. This includes establishing a realistic remuneration package for any one who takes up this role in future. But it will eat into my social life.

Anyway we have a face to face meeting some time this weekend. I guess I can help them recruit. Or even make the odd telephone call for them. Gone are the days when you need a house phone line to make a call. People could be calling from the bloody loo, how do we really know and who really cares. Working from home as we know is how the business world functions ….

Let’s see how it goes

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