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Staycation February 2021 - Day 1 of 5

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I started my five day staycation today. The only difference in my day today was the obvious absence of logging into official work. And ofcourse the times and duration in which I did my activities.

I really took my sweet time in everything I did today.

I recorded a quick vlog

Upon receiving my morning parcel. And even uploaded it on TikTok (yes, I had all the time in the world).

Recording myself opening my morning parcel has become a regular episode. I really enjoy recording these quick videos.

I had lunch (olugbu soup and garri).

Then, despite the snow I went for a long walk. (9582 steps). It was freezing cold.

It was refreshing. Bought my regular coffee enroute

came home and made dinner

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