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Stainless steel pots

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

My stainless steel pots

The quest

So my quest

At last I finally replaced all my cooking pots with stainless steel. It all started when I replaced my frying pan. I was so balled over by the performance  (nonstick) of the frying pan that I started researching the make/brand and then started thinking of getting pots from that brand.

Research is key

Upon further research, I got to understand the options of pot material available to buy that are healthier for cooking. It’s taken me all these years to get here.

I then decided to reconsider the option of stainless steel pots. The fact is as a child I remembered vividly that all the pots and pans in the kitchen were stainless steel. They were well used and stainless in colour, inside and out.

It all started when…

As a young adult, I know the nonstick idea started when I got my own flat at 19. I remember buying a set of pots from Argos. I guess at some point I started keeping away from stainless steel pots because I felt that they would burn food.

I remembered burnt jellof rice as a child. That was the best part of the rice. I guess that’s were I got that logic. Perhaps the word nonstick automatically meant that any other material would stick. Nonetheless I became a nonstick kinda girl.

Nonstick- stick

What I really disliked about my nonstick pots were the fact that even though they were nonstick, the experience was opposite, unless the food is 90% water based, e.g boiling yam, egg or making peppe soup. Then it is more than likely  the food would stick on the bottom of the nonstick pot. And then washing the pot after cooking becomes another chore. Which sometimes takes days to resolve.

Very annoying

Healthier option

Most of the meals I cook (Nigerian) requires a prolong time in boiling to get the ingredients to the right state of consistency, taste and smell.

So moving forward I decided to get the healthier option stainless steel pots and test out this myth I had of food sticking to stainless steel pots. I am glad that I took this path because the outcome has been great.

If nothing else I was enlightened on the sizes of pots, they type of cooker hob I had (ceramic induction), the size of cooker hob burners, the make up of stainless steel 18/10 (chromium/nickel alloys), the durability of the product (25 year gurantee)

Once I understood all this, I then had the confusing task of deciding what size of pots to buy and where to buy them from. The process became more complicated as I had to satisfy other pot users.

Pots at last

So in the end I bought a set of stainless steel pots with silicone hands 14cm, 16cm and 18cm. And two large pots with cool to touch hands 24cm shallow casserole and 24cm stockpot. These 5 pots have replaced the 8 pots I previously had.

I bought the pots, cooked with them and liked the finished products. Pots and food.

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