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Sauna session

Sauna tonight was very experimental…

So while in the sauna cabin. Two other   women🧕 joined me… Thursday’s are usually women only and often populated by ladies of all shapes and sizes from the Asian community🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕..

First of all they go and swim… then proceed to the sauna… the environment is almost like a community centre or meeting environment… so much talking in their dialect… laughing… sharing of foods and applying lots of ointment to their bodies… many home made concoction… often when they leave the place is a big mess☹

Anyway I am brave enough to continue coming on Thursday… often I am the only non Asian person in the sauna on Thursday…. wetin concern me…

Today I was offered some concoction to try on my face and body… “it’s not for the hair” I heard her tell her friend… not to me sha… cause I am bald🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…

Apparently she got the concoction from Yeman when she went to see her sister… you just add water to the powder… I’m not sure what is supposed to happen… all I know is that my cuticles were slightly discoloured… orange😁

Having washed off my experiment… I went on to the steam cabin… after a few seconds… another lady offered me some Indian sweets…. I think today my chi was in a receiving mode… cos today I didn’t even think twice about it… I accepted … and popped one in my mouth on the way to the shower…

All in all its been an eventful experimental sauna session,


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