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Personal trainer session 101

I ( have never had a personal trainer before. I have just been entertaining myself in the gym. Up until my first session (5/1/2020) with my personal trainer (Elite Evolution) I was under the impression that I was doing a good job at the gym.


Generally, when I went to the gym I would tend to sweat and get out of breath. To start with, my gym visits are usually once a week, on a Sunday morning. And usually consists of using one machine, for 15- 30 minutes. After the gym, I would head to the sauna and steam. This routine is like clockwork.

The sauna and steam is a must. Its a treat for going to the gym in the first place. But considering how my body feels today, a day after my first personal training session, let’s just say even my toe hurts. Gosh. I seriously doubt if I put a lot of effort into my previous Sunday Sunday medicine gym routine.

My personal trainer was recommended to me by my younger brother Obiyo. I’ve always wanted a personal trainer. It’s just that I’ve never gotten this far in getting one. There is always an excuse. Basically, I need help in improving my stamina. I have noticed a deterioration in my stamina over some time. And I know that I alone can make the change that I need.

There is a whole lot of benefits that comes with taking regular exercise and this also includes maintaing a low blood pressure and improved memory but to name a few.

So I believe I need the support of a professional to get me motivated again. The older I am getting, the less motivated I am becoming. I need more motivation than my Sunday Sunday morning medicine. I really need to know what else to do in the gym. I have paid for 12 sessions. Which is about 3 months worth. But I know I will extend the contract. We all know that money can not buy health.

Today, 24 hours after my first personsl training session, I can confirm to myself that I have dispelled some of the myths I had about gym weights. And I am definitely on the right track.

In the past, I have reluctantly used weights in the gym. They are usually the ones attached to large steel machines with ropes. I say rarely because I am always confused as to the direction I am supposed to pull or push, or the muscles affected. I don’t want to end up looking like incredible hulk.

So first of all, the new training environment has no single exercise machine inside. It has all manners of weights, ropes and one cycle. Being a person with an open mind, I thought nothing at all. It was just myself and my personal trainer in the gym. Let the show begin.

Let me just say that my heart raced so hard in all of the hour I spent in the gym and this is without the use of any cardiovascular machines. I used my own weight, the wall, battle rope, floor mat, resistant band, the wall, dumbbell, bench and kettle bell. To think that I have some of these things at home. The kettle bell I actually use as a door stop…🤣

I enjoyed the one hour session. Though I was huffing, puffing and panting throughout. I couldn’t believe the cardio vascular impact this routine was having on me. Gosh, the sweat. I joyfully repeated each and every exercise routine as instructed, with my mind fixed on going for a sauna and steam session after.

So here I am as stiff as a rod. Feeling so sore each time I move. So sore that my walk is affected. Not to talk of sitting down. Kai. All said and done, I am excited and I am looking forward to my next training session. I must improve my stamina by fire by force🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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